Jordan Ribera


Welcome to my personal website. This site acts as an interactive version of my résumé. Following the navigation links above to view my portfolio, work experience, and information about my education.

About Me

I am a Software Engineer, with professional experience in a variety of contexts. I have been working with computers (both hardware and software) since I was very young. I began learning programming with QBasic while I was still in elementary school, and have continued to teach myself new languages in order to broaden my horizons. I purchased my first computer (a Pentium MMX 200MHz) when I was 11, and built my first computer from parts when I was 14.

I have worked as both a Developer and as an IT Administrator.

Hobbies & Interests

In my free time I enjoy a number of different hobbies. During Spring and Summer I frequently backpack in the Cascades. I have played the bass guitar for 18 years. While living in Japan I studied digital photography. I enjoy taking landscape and architecture photos, long-exposure / light-painting, and astrophotography. I also like diesel engines and spend a lot of time working on my 1979 Mercedes-Benz. I also design and fabricate custom keyboards.


If you wish to reach out to me for networking or other purposes, please visit my LinkedIn profile via the link at the bottom of the page.