Jordan Ribera


Here is a selection of examples of my programming work. This is a mix of personal projects, work projects, and automation tools that I have built.

The world's largest pet care marketplace. Serves the needs of countless human and canine customers every day.

Some of my work on this site includes:

  • Dog walk report cards (with map)
  • Recurring billing
  • On-demand walks
  • Internationalization (currency, localization, and language)
Moji is a fancy substitution cipher. It encodes or decodes a message based on a pre-shared key made up of random and distinct unicode characters. The "deeper" a key is, the more variation in the encoded output.

I assembled my Ergodox keyboard by hand. The linked repo includes lasercutter files for a set of joining case layers that I designed and open-sourced. The repo also includes images of the finished keyboard and a laser cutting video.

I also forked and mildly customized the keyboard firmware.


Buildswarm is a simple set of scripts and docker configuration that can be used to spin up a number of buildkite agents. Running a cluster of may agents allows you to support build pipelines with parallel steps (linting, tests, etc.) from any machine.

Options are included for running the cluster on Windows, Linux/OSX, or a Synology NAS.

VGA Passthrough
The final piece of the puzzle that allowed me to move to using Linux full time at home. This repo outlines the methods and madness involved in setting up PCI device passthrough for a Windows guest system. This allows me to play Windows-exclusive games like Starcraft 2 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and within a virtual machine, with the same graphic settings and performance.
Javascript Audio

This is an experiment that I did with audio visualization using JavaScript and the HTML5 canvas element.

The song in the demo is "Ingenue" by Atoms for Peace.

Infinite Dungeon

My team's entry for Tag Creative's first 24-hour hackathon. Explore a randomly generated dungeon, battling randomly generated monsters along the way. Find the exit to move on to the next floor. It never ends.


UltraClock is a 24-hour analog clock inspired by a very expensive wristwatch. The dial is oriented with noon at the top and midnight at the bottom. The grey shaded region represents the time between sunset and sunrise.

This prototype implementation is an animated SVG (clock hands and sunset shade manipulated by JavaScript). Following the prototype, I implemented the same visualization as an Android widget and Android Wear watchface.


A dynamic compound resistance calculator for Pok‌émon video games.

The vertical axis represents the elemental type of an attack, while the horizontal axis represents the type of the defender. By clicking two different types with the left and right mouse buttons you can view the compound resistances of a combination of two types.

Nan Desu
A Japanese dictionary system which I created to help myself study.

The main project that I worked on while at Intand. TandemCal is a scheduling and operations management tool for schools and school districts. It's features include robust scheduling, reservation and rental of facilities, and transportation fleet management.

The classic game, implemented in JavaScript.