Jordan Ribera


This is an overview of my work experience. I have experience as both a Software Developer, and an IT Professional. Because my interests in technology are wide and varied, I have enjoyed working in both fields. The jobs below are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top.

Software Engineer Leafly March 2019—March 2020
Software Engineer January 2016—January 2019

Worked with a team to build and maintain the world’s largest pet care marketplace. My work at Rover ranges from implementing frontend component designs to building scalable Kubernetes services.

With various teams I have worked on:

  • API support for new mobile app features
  • On-demand service types
  • Internationalization (including currency and language support)

Rover’s codebase is primarily Python (Django), with a frontend of mixed Backbone.js and React.

Software Developer Tag Creative Studio April 2015—December 2015
Test Engineer Tag Creative Studio August 2014—April 2015

Completed projects for a variety of clients ranging from mobile games to web applications to digital textbook software for major publishing companies. I also led the winning team in Tag’s second 24-hour “Hatch It” hackathon.

My work included building and testing:

  • Interactive textbook modules (HTML5, AngularJS, and Jade)
  • Mobile and web games (Unity/C#; Flash, Node.js, Redis, and AWS)
  • An e-commerce platform (PHP and Perl)
  • A cross-platform mobile app (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone)
  • A simple Skype macro interface written in Python
Technology Manager Bellevue Christian School July 2013—August 2014
Systems Engineer Bellevue Christian School September 2011—June 2011

Managed the Technology department, providing support to students and teachers at three campuses. I filled the roles of Network Administrator and Systems Administrator and also managed the department budget and personnel. I was responsible for strategic planning including software and hardware deployments. I was also responsible for data security and disaster recovery planning and created custom software for automating and streamlining daily processes.

Web Developer Intand, Inc. November 2008—August 2011

Worked with a team to maintain and develop features for a school event and facilities management tool. Daily tasks included database maintenance, UI design, finding and fixing bugs, and developing new features based on client requests.

Our codebase was PHP, with data coming from PostgreSQL databases.